Metasploit command cheet sheet
Insec Ethical Hacking Hub "Metasploit Complete" series Part 1

Metasploit Metasploit is one of the most powerful and widely used tools for penetration testing. In this tutorial, we will take you through the various commands of Meterpreter,  and explain how you can use them in a real-time environment. This tutorial is meant for instructional purpose only. Core Commands At its most basic use, meterpreter […]

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Gather information from Linkedin
Insec Ethical Hacking Hub TCS, Wipro & HCL Are India’s Most Influential Brands on LinkedIn; In Top 10

Last week we have come across an awesome tool named ‘Inspy’ that was written by gojhonny. Fortunately it was referenced by Offensive Security in the Kali 2017.3 release post as being part of the repo. Inspy is a LinkedIn enumeration tool written in Python that can be used for passive information gathering using information that is publicly available […]

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Cryptocurrency Mining scripts Embedded in MS Office Word Documents

Microsoft word documents abused by Cryptocurrency Mining script embedded phishing Videos and victims tricked into watching an “innocent” video that leads to performing a crypto-Jacking Attack on victims PC. Nowadays Hackers always finding a new malicious way to mining Cryptocurrency by abusing various legitimate platform. Usually, Browser-based cryptocurrency mining is performed by injecting crypto-jacking script […]

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Cryptojacking Malware in Wikipedia Pages

Cryptojacking Malware called “Minr“ infected website has been linked with Wikipedia Page that leads to mine the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). Wikipedia visitors who visiting the concern page and once a user clicks the link that pointed to the Malware infected website, the malicious script will be executed and visitor infected with “Minr” crypto-jacking malware. Researchers found that many […]

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New Spectre patch released by INTEL

One month ago today, Intel told the world that their Meltdown/ Spectre patch were a mess. Their advice read something like, “Ooopsie. Those extremely important BIOS/UEFI firmware updates we released a coupla weeks ago are causing Intel machines to drop like bungee cows. In spite of what we told you then, stop installing them now. […]

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Apple Apologises For Slowing Down Older iPhones!

  Apple has finally admitted to and apologised for slowing down the older iPhone models after they were accused of trying to force users into buying newer iPhone models. The company recently faced severe backlash over intentionally slowing down the older iPhone models to protect the processor. The company issued an apology yesterday, a gesture, […]

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Morgan Stanley consider Bitcoin to be of no value

Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) dominated the financial news space in 2017, with bitcoin rising more 13 times this year, as per Coindesk, even as prices have remained very volatile. The cryptocurrency’s worth continued to fluctuate wildly this week, bouncing back to nearly £12,000 on Wednesday after plummeting to around £8,000 last week. But a top financial services […]

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Hacker’s can guess smartphone security pin using sensor data
Insec Ethical Hacking Hub Horror of Horrors: Smartphones From Xiaomi, Lenovo & Huawei Have Pre-Installed Malwares Says GData 1

The data collected from different sensors hamper smartphone security & reveal PINs and passwords to hackers and allow them to unlock your mobile devices, researchers at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore announced on Tuesday (Dec 26). This, they said, highlights a “significant flaw” in smartphone security, as using the sensors within the phones require no […]

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CBI Techie Involved In Bitcoin-Based Scam Arrested!

  This is the perfect plot of a nail-biting thriller: A CBI techie who earlier worked with IRCTC creates a magical software which can book hundreds of tatkal tickets in seconds. He uses CBI’s resources to cheat the tatkal system and employs bitcoins to accept illegal payments. Fortunately, that CBI techie has been arrested, and […]

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