Bad Rabbit Ransomware – All Info @
Insec Ethical Hacking Hub Bad Rabbit Ransomware -  All Info @

A new ransomware campaign called Bad Rabbit Ransomware has affected at least three Russian media companies in a fast-spreading malware attack. Fontanka and Interfax are among the companies affected by the Bad Rabbit ransomware named by the researchers who first discovered it. The malware is delivered as fake Flash installer, it uses the SMB protocol to check hardcoded credentials. The […]

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“Metasploit Complete” series Part 2
Insec Ethical Hacking Hub "Metasploit Complete" series Part 1

Welcome back guyzzz to the second part of metasploit tutorial series. Today we are gonna drive deep inside “Information Gathering” part of metasploit and more…. Information Gathering Nmap Nmap uses raw IP packets to determine if host is up or down, if he uses a firewall or not, which ports are open, what services are […]

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Top Hack – Tech Movie / Documentarie of all time

Here’s a list of Top Tech movies / documentaries (in no particular order) that I’m sure all computer engineers / Hackers  who love their jobs will love. 1.TBP AFK – The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard 2. Anonymous We are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists 3. The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron […]

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IT Security Project Kolkata
Insec Ethical Hacking Hub IT Security Project Kolkata

Good News! We have launched 1 week IT Security Project Kolkata. Choose any of the given topics and do an one week intensive project on your desired topic . On IT Security Operating System Hardening Networks & Basic Network Offensive Attacks Malware Detection & Prevention Penetration Testing with Search Engines Clouds & Its Security Steganography […]

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CEH Ethical Hacking Expert
Insec Ethical Hacking Hub Ethical Hackers in Kolkata Fresher 2

CEH- Ethical Hacking Expert Good News for them who are concerned more about knowledge less about just certification. Because success will run after you if you focus more on ‘Excellence’. We understand the difference that’s why we are creating a world of Ethical Hacking with pure Knowledge. We did a research on the current demand […]

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