CEH Ethical Hacking Expert
Insec Ethical Hacking Hub Ethical Hackers in Kolkata Fresher 2

CEH- Ethical Hacking Expert Good News for them who are concerned more about knowledge less about just certification. Because success will run after you if you focus more on ‘Excellence’. We understand the difference that’s why we are creating a world of Ethical Hacking with pure Knowledge. We did a research on the current demand […]

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Ethical Hacking award for Bangalore boy
Insec Ethical Hacking Hub india under cyber attack - One of the most targeted countries in the world, India is beginning to act on the cyber threat.

From hacking to studying information security, Aditya Damodaran has travelled the distance. A computer science engineering graduate from Christ University, this Bangalore boy bagged a full-fee scholarship at Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom, by winning the Capture the Hacker competition. He will now complete his Masters in information security systems at Sheffield Hallam.

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