Post Graduate Diploma Admission in Kolkata

Post Graduate Diploma Admission in Kolkata (in Cyber Security & Corporate System)  Details: Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate System & Cyber Security IBMR(Institute of Business Management & Research) (WBUT approved) & Info Security Solution collaboration PG Diploma certificate EC Council global certificate for Cyber Security part 6 months regular Diploma Lowest Fees Flexible schedule Practical based training Job assistance Faculty- …

FarStone One Pro – The ultimate PC backup Tool

Hi guyzzzz, Its Abhirup again, with some more cool tutorials and techniques to share with you this week. Sorry cant give much update last month as I was very busy doing different pen testing projects and also doing project tour for TELEGRAPH team. So today I am going to share a tool with you, which is FarStone One Pro. FarStone …


“Metasploit Complete” series Part 2

Welcome back guyzzz to the second part of metasploit tutorial series. Today we are gonna drive deep inside “Information Gathering” part of metasploit and more…. Information Gathering Nmap Nmap uses raw IP packets to determine if host is up or down, if he uses a firewall or not, which ports are open, what services are running on the remote system …

social engineering, human mind hacking

Social Engineering – The Breaching of human mind

Suppose Someone ringed the doorbell and you hurriedly opened the door, there is a gentlemen well dressed with a bank id card on his neck and his pleasant voice “Hello Madam, I am john from  ABCD bank , our bank is running  a documentary verification process  such as IDs , bank’s card etc. for some account holder at our branch …

Shell shock!!! Lets shock some users

Hello all. Today we are gonna see some shellshock POC and its usage. Lets see some practicals. Stay tuned for more experiments and hands of practical tutorials of shell shock.

Install & Cuda based tools in kali

Hello all. In our previous tutorial, we showed you how to install and use CUDA in kali linux. Now lets see the installation and usage of some CUDA based tools: Install cudaHashcat mkdir hacking cd hacking

How to use CUDA in Kali Linux

Suppose you have purchased a good laptop with a powerful graphics card inbuilt and installed Kali linux physically to use its full potentials ( atleast no nagging external usb adapter 😉  ).  BUT how to install 3rd party nvidia drivers inside kali, to use all the cuda code of your GFX card???????? Well the long awaited step-by-step solution follows –