Beware. Some spoofed emails might strike terror at you sooner or later. These emails with attachments might come from your common devices of Epson, HP and Canon printer-scanner which is more or less a nefarious intention to stymie the entire system. 

The attempt in question is not an old one–originated in November only as the cybercriminals started issuing biased emails. Millions of users received emails where the users in the subject lines were asked to read Scanned from Canon, Scanned from HP, Scanned from Epson and what not. This was what simply Barracuda researchers revealed.

PDF files, usually, are used in this infamous deal since PDF files are a common system to rush mails and materials from a network printer.

The cybercriminals often keep modifying file names to get rid of the cybersecurity dragnets which helps them remain unseen with the malware. The moment you open the attachment in question, the cybercriminals get to know the entire network system.

Cybersecurity experts who have been minutely following cybercriminal activities say that the initial strike took place in November to be followed umpteen number of attacks with the help of these malicious devices.

But why these hackers take resort to the attachments? It helps these criminal elements get access to your computing device at ease. As you click on the attached PDF file, the malware gets activated to infect the system which starts behaving as the hackers want. Cybersecurity experts have been devising a mechanism to effectively deal with the menace.

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