Hackers expose info of DoJ & DHS employees

A group of anonymous hackers have breached the US Department of Homeland Security’s system and leaked personal details of the people who work there.

The hackers uploaded the list at hosting platform Cryptobin which included names, job titles, emails, addresses and telephone numbers of US government officials. The group also claims to have access to 200GB of data from the Department of Justice.

The data breached is that of the 9335 employees of Homeland Security System, claim the hackers’ group. They also allege to have stolen sensitive information of over 20000 supposed Federal Bureau of Investigation employees.

The reason behind the hacking could be the message attached at the top of the data dump that reads “Long Live Palestine, Long Live Gaza: This is for Palestine, Ramallah, West Bank, Gaza, This is for the child that is searching for an answer.”

The hacker had accessed the email account of US Department of Justice and allegedly downloaded the information of over 20,000 FBI officers, roughly 9,000 DHS employees and an undisclosed number of DoJ staffers.

A DoJ spokesperson has, however, downplayed the impact of hacking in a statement given to The Guardian claiming that, “This unauthorized access is still under investigation; however, there is no indication at this time that there is any breach of sensitive personally identifiable information.”

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