Microsoft offers potentially unwanted applications protection

Tech-giant Microsoft has now decided that it will keep potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) off their user windows, and hence, has started offering PUA protection in its anti-malware products for enterprise customers.

Microsoft is helping administrators to block these unwanted apps with a new Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager feature.

Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC) staffers, in a Nov. 26 announcement stated that,”If you are an enterprise user, and you are running System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP), or Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP), it’s good to know that your infrastructure can be protected from PUA installations when you opt-in to the PUA protection feature.”

Meanwhile, potentially unwanted applications or PUAs, can increase the risk of your network by infecting it with malware, wasting help desk, putting data at risk and imposing additional burden on IT personnel.

The Potentially Unwanted Application Protection feature acts much like antivirus software. In the announcement by Microsoft Malware Protection Center, it was stated that,”PUA protection updates are included as part of the existing definition updates and cloud protection for Microsoft’s enterprise customers. No additional configuration is required besides opting into PUA protection. When enabled, client systems will begin detecting and blocking PUAs after the next system restart or signature update. Blocked PUAs can be viewed in SCEP’s history tab.”

However, it is recommended that before implementing a PUA, companies should first create a clear corporate policy and also inform the users about the updated policy or guidance so that they are aware that potentially unwanted applications are not allowed in your corporate environment.

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