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Hundreds of customers of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, popularly known as Vancity which is one of the largest community credit unions in Canada, have been requested to change their debit cards and get a new one after their debit card numbers were stolen while making purchases in Metro Vancouver.
The Vancity on May 23 confirmed that account of more than 1,000 of its customers have been affected and other bank customers may also have been affected by the serious banking breach at two local retailers.
According to a report published on CTV Vancouver, Darwin Sauer, spokesperson at the Vanicity, said that they found out on May 23 from Central One, their card provider that two Vancouver-area retailers had their card machines compromised as a result of a skimming operation, under which stealing of customer’s account information like PIN numbers is done.

“This could mean any customer who used those card machines or had their card go through those machines could have had their card compromised,” Sauer told to CTV Vancouver.

According to the company, a total of 1,200 its customers used their debit cards at the unnamed locations and only two people have notified the credit union about questionable transactions.
In order to protect its customers, the Vancity has placed limits on the 1,200 cards that may have been compromised and contacted the customers who will need to get new cards.

Sauer said people can protect their accounts from such fraud by changing their PIN regularly and shielding their PIN when entering it.

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