Insec Ethical Hacking Hub Nodezero Linux

A common question that people ask is “I have model ABC wireless card, is it compatible with Aircrack-ng?” or “What card should I buy?” or “Can my card do injection?” and so on. This tutorial address these questions.

If you are planning to purchase a card then the easiest method is to pick a card from the list of supported cards. If you are considering purchasing a particular then you can use this tutorial to determine if it will work with aircrack-ng.

Now, on to the matter at hand. Here are the steps we will be following:

  1. Determine your requirements and constraints
  2. Learn the basics of a wireless card
  3. Determine the chipset
  4. Verify the chipset capabilities
  5. Determine the drivers and patches required
  6. Select a card

Determine your requirements and constraints

First decide if you simply want to listen to wireless network traffic or to both listen to and inject packets. It is important to realize that at this point in time, Windows can only be used for listening to network traffic. Windows cannot inject data packets. This is a fundamental limitation. As well, there are far fewer cards compatible with Windows.

Depending on the card/chipset, Linux gives you the ability to both listen to and inject packets.

So at this point you need to have decided:

  • Which operating system you plan to use
  • Your preferred hardware format (PCI, PCMCIA, USB, etc.)
  • Which features you require (listening, injection) Login to read more

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