Insec Ethical Hacking Hub india under cyber attack - One of the most targeted countries in the world, India is beginning to act on the cyber threat.

We’ve all heard of some of the mega-jobs that command huge pay packets, but what if you want to boost your income and don’t fancy the backlash that goes with being a banker or the adoration that goes with Hollywood stardom? We’ve rounded up some jobs that, we think, pay surprisingly well and looked at what you need to do to land them.

1. Ethical hacker

Typical salary: $101,000 to $152,000 at the team-leader level, while a newly qualified hacker can expect a minimum salary of $59,000 to $84,000.

What the job involves: A company will pay an ethical hacker to hack into its computer system to see how well it might stand up to a real attack. Also known as a “penetration tester” and a “white hat.”

Qualifications: In India, ethical hackers must hold Login to read more


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