Insec Ethical Hacking Hub Posts a status on anyones FB wall, as them

Here at Insec we believe in complete experiments. Today we are gonna exploit facebook. This exploit abuses the facebook mobile upload via email feature to allow you to post a status or even upload a picture onto your victims wall, as them.

Step 1: Select a target, start a casual conversation with them.

Step 2: In MID of conversation , say something like “Facebook is so frustrating, i am trying to upload a picture on my phone but its not working for me”. Then continue the conversation as normal for a second. Then say “Can you do me a favor so I can upload this damn picture, go to and where it says upload via email, tell me the email address it says to send the pictures to its a email. For some reason the page wont load for me” (This one works for us 😉 )

Step 3: Now that you have their upload email, make a Login to read more

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